I build things that Augment, Create or Fix.

Technology should make your life easier, and more focused.  It can.


Web Software

Software that lives on the web.  It's always available, multiple users, nothing to install.   Check out Video Rich Web Sites too.


Technology Consulting

Helping you as liaison with your vendors.  I translate so you don't have to.  A 3rd party that is invested in your bushiness.   As much or as little help as you need.  It's flexible.


Concierge IT

Technology to serve you, not the other way around.  Find out what happens when you interact with a human, instead of a menu, or a chat window.

Web Software For Your Business

Bradford Web

15+ Years. Out sourced IT & Web Software.  Friendly, Invested, Human.
Commercial UAV Pilot.

Mark Bradford High quality edited aerial photography and videography - FAA Certified

Mark Bradford

Lead Developer, Technology Evangelist

No buzzwords, no pressure.  Just a chat about what your needs are.  Call me at (414) 331-8280