Rich Video Web

Give your clients a rich video experience when they visit your site.

Put your videos to work for you

If you have beautifully shot videos, or are considering videos but aren’t sure how to use them, consider a video rich web site.  make the focus of your site actually be the videos.  There are wonderfully creative ways to show case video.  It’s not just a thumbnail in a corner.  Immerse your customers.  Set the mood.

Milwaukee Soldiers Home

The Milwaukee Soldiers Home National Historic Landmark District is one of three remaining original Soldiers Homes in the country. It is an outstanding representation of the development of a national system of medical and residential benefits for disabled veterans. The homes were designed as places of refuge and recuperation for physically and mentally disabled soldiers who had survived the Civil War.
Showcase your videos

with a short paragraph summary. creates video rich web sites.  Concannon Communication creates videos that tell your story.